Tractor ATA 8500

ATA 9500

Maximum towing power

ATA 9500 tractor, 150 ton towing capacity with the option of additional ballast for towing up to 200 tons!
Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering ensure maximum tractive effort even in tough conditions, and a tight turning radius.
Diesel or LPG-powered, numerous options such as in-cab camera system, hydraulic jacks, automatic hitch, air braking for trailers.
Totally updated cab with outstanding levels of comfort and visibility!

Draw bar pull 7.500 / 10.000
Engine Diesel Kubota 55 KW
Engine opt LPG GM/IPSI 55 KW
Transmission Powershift
Size and weight: L x W x H 4.000 X 2.000 X 2.300 9500-12000Kg
Ata 9500 Tractor

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