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Project Description

ATA E400 Tractor

ATA E400

This electric tow tractor for industrial use was developed based on an idea by one of our clients. Powerful and indestructible

Listening to customers has always inspired our research and development. Thus, the specific needs of one of our customers, who dreamed of an electric 5500 tow tractor, led us to come up with the E400 model, capable of towing loads up to 50 tons. Complete with battery up to 1000 Ah, the E400 is an electric tow tractor for industrial use characterised by compact size, simplicity and sturdiness. It is virtually indestructible, ideal for those who have to cover long distances, and is an extremely popular choice with car manufacturers and for container handling.

It offers numerous options, like registration for use on the public highway, air braking for trailers, heating, rapid battery replacement and much more besides.

Max Draw bar pull 25.000 daN
Engine AC 21.4 KW
Battery 80 Volt – 750/930 Ah
Size and weight: L x W x H 3.373 x 1.400 x 2.032, 4.8/5.3 ton

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