ATA.Diesel and electric tractors for ground handling,
cargo and ancillary services in airports around the world

A major operator on the airport market for 60 years, ATA is the supplier of choice of many Italian and international airports for the GSE sector (Ground Support Equipment).

ATA offers a vast range of airport ground handling solutions. Baggage tow tractors and equipment for cargo cities; Hobart gensets, Trilectron air conditioners and Lektro towbarless tugs plus a vast range of spare parts for GPU, aircraft toilet waste systems, potable water systems, air starters, J&B Aviation air conditioners.

In addition, discover our vast range of pre-owned equipment, all serviced and fully guaranteed. For any requests, don’t hesitate to contact us.


ATA A20 Leprotto


ATA A20 Leprotto Ideal for towing aircraft stairs, belts, GPU and all GSE in general Small, agile, with extremely low running costs. Why use tracto [...]


ATA 3600


ATA 3600 tractor Present in nearly every Italian airport and in major European airports The ATA 3600 airport tow tractor is the ideal solution for [...]


ATA 5000 GSE


ATA 5000 GSE tractor Ideal for cargo handling and baggage towing. Available with or without cab. With drawbar pull in excess of 2500 kg, this vehic [...]


ATA 5500


ATA 5500 tractor Sturdiness and speed. Born for cargo! In the four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering version, the ATA 5500 airport tow tractor ca [...]


ATA Zac 100


ATA ZAC100 Sturdy, affordable and with a vast range of options The ZAC100 airport tow tractor is the ideal choice for CAT II aircraft pushback oper [...]


ATA E200


ATA E200 tractor The ideal vehicle for baggage handling, towing of GSE and helicopters The big brother of the E150 model, the ATA E200 tractor boas [...]


ATA E250


ATA E250 A versatile classic with a range of options A classic, tried-and-tested baggage tow tractor with an excellent turning radius and battery u [...]


ATA E400


ATA E400 Designed for steep gradients. Long range and superb reliability  When presented with challenging slopes, the ATA E400 model represents the [...]


Towable passenger stairs


Towable passenger stairs For door sill heights up to 6 metres and with a range of available options We design our stairs to be simple yet extremely [...]


Towable and self-propelled belt loaders


Towable and self-propelled belt loaders With its range of towable and self-propelled baggage belt loaders, both diesel and electric, ATA covers the [...]